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Contributor III
Contributor III

Linear Trend with Calendar Table

Hi everyone!  Trend lines seem to be above my head in Qlik Sense.....

I have a measure that I want to graph over time, preferably using my Calendar table, including a linear trend line.

1)  I want the x-axis to be by Year-Month, which I have defined as a column in the Calendar table, BUT, the linear trend formula doesn't seem to accept text values.

2)  If I use just the base Date from the Calendar table, it plots correctly, but there are two issues:

Issue #1:  Since my calendar table extends further into the future than my measure, I have lots of dead space due to the inclusion of the trend line.

Issue #2:  The plot is by day rather than Year-Month.  Anytime I try to change the Date format, I lose the trend line.

Any wisdom on this?  This feels like a big gap for Qlik, as it was super easy in Power BI.  Any help is very much appreciated!

Linear Trend Issues.PNG

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