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Link to file in a folder


how can I add a link to a file in a folder in my Application?

I've searched for an answer to this, but couldn't find any so now I'm hoping some of you might be able to help.

I've tried the text/image Box and see that I can set an URL, but this does not work for a pathfile to a folder.

Any suggestions? (The use of text/image Box was just to test, I actually need the link in a Chart table)

Print screen from LOAD; I've made a New Field called AttachedDocFullPath which contains the paths of the files:


Print screen from Chart coloumn visualisation: (this is the "link" I want to be able to press and then the folder should appear)


Print screen from Chart data:


Here I'm using the Field I created above. But nothing happens when I press the "link" in the visualisation.

Representation is set to URL.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi Cecilie

See this post above :




Specialist II
Specialist II

Did you try putting 'file:///' in front of it, like you would if opening a file location in a browser?

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You can try adding additional connections and modifying the names of the selections in the load script otherwise try creating a separate external table (aka

xls spreadsheet) a document that has a key value that will link both tables.   I'm not the best at it but learning,  trying to assist,


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Thanks for the suggestion! Tried it, but it's still not an active link. Nothing happens when I click it.

The not-so-good solution I ended up with is coping the link(path) to either browser or folder and acess the files that way.

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Thanks for your response! It works for websites, i.e www.google.com, but not for paths to file in folder.

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Thanks for your response! Maybe it would work, I'm a beginner in Qlik Sense, but it just seems like an easier fix should be available..


Did you find a solution for this one ?


Link to local files or shared files are working in Qlikview using below Chrome extension 

Enable local file links


However, its not working in Qlik Sense. Does anyone know how it can work in Qlik Sense. Is it a limitation of Qlik Sense ? or is there any way to make this work in Qlik Sense ?