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Linking Sheets


I am relatively new to Qlik sense. I have 3 common sheets (namely 1,2 and 3) and all 3 have been linked to a base sheet (namely 4). I have another sheet (namely 5), which I want linked to the common sheets 1,2 and 3. Is this possible at all ? Please let me know if there is a solution to this.



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Re: Linking Sheets

I don't quite understand what you are trying to do?  When you say linked to another sheet what do you mean exactly and what are you trying to accomplish?

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Re: Linking Sheets

Do you mean navigate to the other sheet from one sheet?

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Re: Linking Sheets

Do you want to have a snapshot page with various tabs pointing to other sheets?

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Re: Linking Sheets

If i got your req right ..

You are showing Sheet 4 by default from which you can navigate to Sheets 1 , 2, 3 with buttons and actions by hiding the tab row ?

Now you also want the 5th sheet to work like 1, 2, 3 where you can navigate from your sheet 4 which is a base sheet. ??

If so, please include button / text objects in sheet 4 which has an action to activate sheet 5 (your new sheet).

Hope this helps



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Re: Linking Sheets

Hello All!

Thank for for your responses. Let me explain my question in a little more detail.

Sheet 1:Month/Year

Sheet 2:Customers

Sheet 3Smiley Tongueroducts

Sheet 4:Month,Year,Product and Customer Sales

Sheet 4 has been linked to Sheets 1,2 and 3.

Now I have sheet 5 with customer wise and month wise Budget data.

I want to add sheet 5 and use data of sheet 1,2,3&4 while creating graph. Pls let me know with which sheet the

new sheet 5 should be associated.

As I am new to QS, I am not sure if your previous responses answered my question. Hope I have been able to explain myself better. Any help  on this is appreciated.



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Re: Linking Sheets

I still don't understand what you mean by linked?

Are you simply saying that you combined the data from the first 3 sheets and now display this on sheet 4?  Do you have screen shots to see what you are doing?

To most of us linking sheets means using an extension or KPI to click on a value on one sheet to jump to another sheet.

I'm not clear that is what you mean.

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Re: Linking Sheets


First u load the data...then go to edit..this data reflect under fileds tab...then u can create which one u want like charts,Tables....

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Re: Linking Sheets


Qlik Sense uses associative data model and the data is available to all the sheets. When you create chart objects, they are referring the underlying tables. Each sheet does not create new tables or fields. so you cannot refer to sheet objects from one sheet to another sheet as source.

You may want to explore master items feature if you want show same chart in different sheets.

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Re: Linking Sheets

Sheets are not linked as you are describing.

The data for a Qlik App is available to all sheets in the app and filters applied to the data apply to all sheets.

Now, you may be saying this is not happening with your new dataset. The new dataset/table must share the same key fields (By exact name, case matters) as the data used for Sheets 1-4. You can see if they link as expected by using the Data model viewer