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Load Data for Timeline Extension

Good day to all,

I'm facing issues in creating a timeline from this extension: GitHub - ralfbecher/QlikSense_Extension_Timeline: QlikSense Extension Timeline

I have a people list with names and different date columns and events for these people, such as: Project start date, project end date, next start date, next end date, available since (also a date).

Would love to create a timeline for that but this extension requires 5 dimensions and a strict input format, that is a table labelled Data with the fields id, content, start, end, type, color and group.

Any suggestions how I can get it work? Especially I want to list all the different date columns as values for the "content" field but don't know how...

Much appreciated for any help since I'm a newbie...

Thank you!

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Re: Load Data for Timeline Extension

Hi Pham,

this extension is very cool, but you should be careful and take into consideration your business-environment and the settings of this extension.

look at this:Timeline - extensions

i hope that helps


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Re: Load Data for Timeline Extension

Hi Beck,

thank you for your hint - I've already seen that topic before and your solution on it. Very helpful work!

However my data set is quite different since I have several date columns (see image)

2017-07-26 22_07_33-Example.xlsx - Excel.png

The idea is to use the person for filtering, e.g. when clicking on Mustermann 1, the timeline should only show the dates of this person. Start dates & end dates should be displayed as boxes (ranges) in the timeline and 'Available since' should be something like an event mark point.

For now, I'm not entirely sure if this extension allows more than one start and end date for one single data row. Also I would need to list all the different date column names as values for the "content" field of the extension.

Do you have any idea or suggestion for me? Or are you aware of any other timeline extension which might be more suitable in this case?

Thanks so much!



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Re: Load Data for Timeline Extension

Hi Mai

I try to create an example on the base of your data and will later report you