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Creator III
Creator III

Load different images dependent on selections?

Is it possible to load different images depending on the selections chosen?

For example, if I click on "Mr Smith", is it possible to display an image of Mr Smith?  Or if I choose "France" can I get a French flag?

Thanks in advance,

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You have to use the "Media Box" plugin (available on QlikBranch) and use an expression like this for the URL of the images:






Best regards,


Creator III
Creator III

Thanks.  Before I go reading the documentation, do you know if it's possible to use the selection name in the URL?

e.g. something like;  imageURL = http://image.server/[Selection_Name].jpg

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Yes this idea is smarter than the nested if.

Try :

'http ://image.server/' & Getfieldselections(Fieldname) & '.jpg'

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Hi Xavier,

I am very new in QlikSense and have same query regarding show an image based on selection

If I read the answer, it mention about the expression, may I know where should I put the expression and put the image also?

Thanks a lot

Best regards,

Creator II
Creator II

Hi permata,

Write the expression as Stated Below:

>>Go to the Properties of Media Box Extension.

>>and Follow the below Steps.


Thank's & Regards,

Sumit Jadhav.