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Load issue while using Extensions and dynamically changing Expressions


My Requirement is to build a chart which should display 3 metrics across 7 dimensions dynamically, each one when selected.

And I want to see Top & Bottom Analysis for required number of dimension Values in the same chart based on selection of top/bottom.

So I loaded inline tables for Metrics,Dimensions and Top/Bottom and their corresponding expressions.

For top/Bottom Analysis, I used Rank in dimensions and changed them accordingly upon selections.

And I used list box extensions for showing Metrics,Dimensions and Top/Bottom.

To input number for top/Bottom analysis, I used input box extension.

Chart is properly developed and values are matching.

But my problem is Whenever i try to open my file, It keeps on loading an even if I wait, the loading never gets complete.

Every time I have to close and open it for 4-5 times, then for the 5th time It opens with the charts.

The size of the data loaded into the application is also very less around 2.5 MB.So I am not able to understand what is the issue which is causing this loading issue.

Please suggest how can I overcome this issue.

Attached is the screenshot of how application looks when I try to open it for 1st time.

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