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Load only Max Date per Application Number

Hi All,

What expression can I use if I want to show just the Max date for a given dimension (e.g. application number) in QlikSense? Like for every application number who called on different dates, I only want the report to reflect the most recent date it was handled, not considering if it was handled by different agents (or have different application type, please see image for example)?

Here are the expressions I've tried, with not much success:

=aggr(DISTINCT Max(Date(floor((([Date Actioned]))))),[CSD.Application Number])

=Aggr(Max(date(floor([Date Actioned]))), [CSD.Application Number])

=concat({$<[Date Actioned]={"$(=max([Date Actioned])"}>} [CSD.Application Number])

=Aggr(distinct(Max(date(floor([Date Actioned])))), [CSD.Application Number])

=FirstSortedValue(Aggr(max(date(floor([Date Actioned])))[CSD.Application Number]))

=Sum({<[Date Actioned]={$(=Max([Date Actioned]))}>}[CSD.Application Number])

=Only({<[Date Actioned] = {$(=Date(Max([Date Actioned])))}>} [CSD.Application Number])

Thank you!

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Re: Load only Max Date per Application Number

IF Application Number is a dimension, then using Max([Date Actioned]) as a measure will only select the max value per Application Number