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Loading Data from Google Sheets --> Qlik Sense (Webfile)

Hi All-

Recently, just to try it with a Qlik Sense copy-paste of the publicly-shareable link from Google Sheets, I gave this a go, and works great!

Only wish that I had seen the post on this from mto‌ earlier (How to load data from Google Drive into Qlik Sense?), but I'd like to go ahead and make a post with a couple of details & screenshots so that others can find it and save time.

If you're an analyst/consultant/developer-type, you're probably running Qlik Sense Desktop, and if so, you can use the most basic Webfile connector to grab some data and get going.

Step1:  Obtain Shareable Link from Google Sheets


Step2:  From Data Load Editor select "Create New Connection" and choose Webfile, or from Data Manager --> Add Data


Step3:  Choose Sheets/Rows as desired (yes, looks like multiple sheets can be loaded).  ...Seems like you can accept defaults of "HTML" for File Format, and "28591" for Character set (other ANSI/Latin standard seems to work too):


Step4:  Load data & have fun!


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