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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Loading a table on Max date within a data set

Having been away from Qlik for a number of years, just getting back to this and have a question.

I have a table -

PR_Id,  VehicleType,  PR_EffectiveFrom,  PR_EffectiveTo,  PR_BasicPR_Vat

45366Car05/10/2009 00:0001/12/2009 00:0011678.26091751.7391
45366Car01/12/2009 00:0001/01/2010 00:0012026.0871803.913
45366Car01/01/2010 00:0022/03/2010 00:0012026.08512104.5649
45366Car22/03/2010 00:00NULL12225.53192139.4681


I want to load only the records that contain either the MAX  PR_EffectiveTo date in the set of the SAME PR_Id's or

The record with NULL as the Max PR_Effective_To date if that is present in the same PR_Id set


I.e - of the 4 records above - I want to load only the NULL records for ID 45366 or if this had a MAX date - then that record.

Thanks in advance


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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Thats great thankyou