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Loading apps in cache


I wanted to know if there was a way to put some application in Cache so that our clients don't need to wait the loading of their apps when they opened it for the first time.

I've already searched on the net and found an extension called CacheInitializer but it doesn't seemed to work with my current version of Qlik sense.

Is there another way to load apps in cache with a script for example ?

My installation is on qlik sense april 2019  with three nodes (two  nodes doing reloads and one front for the clients).




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Re: Loading apps in cache

What do you mean that the CacheInitializer is not working? What is the response when you run the EXE?

Re: Loading apps in cache

Well the thing is that the CacheInitializer works randomly, sometimes it will load four apps in the cache and others it will just failled to load repeatedly with an error message. 

The launching script i've created is based on examples found on the official GitHub of the extension .