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Logic with IF and Multiple conditions


I am trying to create a dimension that is derived from 3 fields and i am having a difficult time.

There should end up being three values-




This is the SQL I use currently which works as expected -


      case when M =1 then 'Mar'

            when LeadSource = 'C' or LeadSource='P'

or M = 0

or Dbb

not in (,'Direct','Sales','Brought',') then 'Partner'

            else 'Rep' end                        

as  Source

Here is what I have now in my app, but I cant get this worked out ----

If(M  = '1', 'Mar',

If(M  = '0','Partner'


If(Match(Dbb,'Partner') = 1 , 'Partner','Rep Created')))

This only returns 'Mar"

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.



1 Solution

Accepted Solutions

May be this

If(M = 1, 'Mar',

     If(Match(LeadSource, 'C', 'P') or M = 0 or not Match(Dbb, 'Direct', 'Sales', 'Brought'), 'Partner', 'Rep'))

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May be this

If(M = 1, 'Mar',

     If(Match(LeadSource, 'C', 'P') or M = 0 or not Match(Dbb, 'Direct', 'Sales', 'Brought'), 'Partner', 'Rep'))

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Master III
Master III

=If(M  = 1, 'Mar',

If(LeadSource,='C' OR LeadSource='P' OR M=0  OR NOT Match(Dbb,'Direct','Sales,'Bright'),'Partner','Rep')


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Brian,

See if this works..

There may be better way to do this..but try this:

if( M=1, 'Mar',

if ( ( LeadSource='C' or LeadSource='P' or  M=0 )   or  ( Dbb <> 'Direct' and  Dbb <> 'Sales' and  Dbb <> 'Brought') ,'Partner','Rep')



Hi Sasidhar,

This looks like it works.

There is a comma after the first "Leadsource" that I dropped assuming that was a typo.

I will check this again to be sure and mark as correct.

Thank you.  I have not been able to try all the suggestions yet but thanks to all for the speedy input!!

Feel free to use any of the expressions, but just as a suggestion... it requires less typing and makes the code looks nicer using Match() or WildMatch() functions




Thank you Sunny.  This worked great for me as well and is a better fit for my code.

I appreciate all the help here !