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Login access pass rule: max N passes per person

After reading the documentation and posts here, I think I've grasped well the fact that login access passes grant any member of their group 1 hour of sense use or 1 session, whichever ends first. Also, it takes 0.1 tokens to create one such pass.

Let's say,  then, that I want to give 5 hours/sessions of access to 2 users. So, I figure I'd rather give each 5 login access passes, using in total 1 token, rather than using 2 user access passes = 2 tokens. But, I want to limit each to their 5 only, and NOT be able to use the other's 5 as well. That means that assigning all 10 login access passes to a group of both won't work. How, then, shall I proceed? Do I have to make each one a group and assign their 5 to that group? Or do I have to create some strange rule that takes into account already used passes?

By the way, it seems everything is quite well documented in Sense except the myriad of variables available at rule creation. Where can I study these to further understand the abilities of the tool?

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A Login token is active for 10 sessions (1 hour each).  Then it is quarantined for 27 days and not available to be used until that time expires.

You setup users as either login pass users or named users.  When a user is setup with a login pass logs in they grab an available 1 hour session if there are any.available.  You can't really specify that a user can only have 5 hours.  They can login as many times as they want as long as there are tokens available.  So the danger here is that you set someone up with login pass and they end up using a lot of your tokens if they all of a sudden become active users.  So you have to monitor usage.

I don't see where you can allocate the tokens to a specific user group.  Just allocate them for the entire system.