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Logs Understanding Qliksense

Hi Guys,

For understanding, i want to understand which qliksense logs should check to find out common issues at qliksense server?

1=Like if ODBC,OLEDB Connection get failed, to find out Root Cause which log shud prefer?

this is one example i have given, rest there are so many common scenario  when we need to check the logs to find out the RCA.

Please suggest.



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Re: Logs Understanding Qliksense

See the online help: Troubleshooting Qlik Sense using logs ‒ Qlik Sense

You can also use the Operations Monitor

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Re: Logs Understanding Qliksense

You're not going to get much for tracing ODBC / OLE DB failures honestly. Just today I helped trace an OLE DB failure where the root cause was an additional ; copied from the connection string for the password. The Engine > Service log basically just outputted what we already knew (that the connection failed).

In general the best logs are going to be in Server > Trace > System (e.g. Engine > Trace > System).

The page Gysbert mentioned above is quite good in getting you oriented to consuming Qlik Sense logs.

Are there other specific use cases that you have in mind?