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Looking for a Qlik Sense Tutor

Hi everyone! I'm building dashboards for HR Statistics in Qlik Sense. I've made some basic courses in qlik platform and took one Udemy course; however, there are some concepts are not clear enough and also I cannot find relevant information about how to do/build some formulas or calculations because mostly I just find sales examples which in my case are not very helpful.

Right now I'm struggling with 2 main issues:

  1. I need to count how many employees where active in each month, each employee can have several hiring dates and attrition dates but I also have a fixed number of employees that need to be added to previous count.

  2. Holidays Dashboards: I need to build in the same app the availables holidays for each employee according to their country and it's legislation ( USA, Panama, Netherlands and Spain).

I'm looking for someone who can guide me a bit better in master calendar, Set analysis and scripting in order to finish the dashboards I'm working at. If someone is interested in gaining some extra cash and help a lost soul in Qlik's world I'll be more than happy if you PM me.

Thanks in advance and cheers

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Specialist II
Specialist II

@eshonbela  It would be really great if you can provide us the some sample and expected output. I would help you to figure out a solution.