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Hi  I would  make  MAP using an  excel file  where I have  city and ZIP code  but  when  I open "add Dimension"  the window is  empty  and thus  I can't "flag"  any  selection......Im  working on Sense 2.1

grazie Luca

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Do you have latitude and longitude for those locations?

Are you using US ZIP's?

I can provide you with some.

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no sorry I have only Zip code regarding Italy and Greece .....

Tomorrow morning I will be in office and I will go into in oredr to

watch videos as well as study possible solution....

Presently Im using batchgeo for mapping and my target was to have

only on tool for analysis ( qliksense) and geomapping.....


Best Regards

Luca Gardonio

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05/11/2015 21:21


Re: - MAP


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Do you have latitude and longitude for those locations?

Are you using US ZIP's?

I can provide you with some.

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Hi Luca,

May I suggest you have a look at Articque® MAP extension for both QlikView® and Sense®: http://www.articque.com/articque-map-qlikview-en/.

For Sense 2.1 Articque MAP is pure extension (Sense® object) which you can drag and drop and easily create your geo mapping analysis with setting 100% integrated into Sense. All you need is KML base Map and your geo data (in whatever format including X, Y coordinates etc.). Then you shall be able to display you geo analysis at whatever geographic level

The best


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