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Make Row number not respecting set analysis

Hi everybody,

I made a table in this way

Old ObjectOld object PriceNew objectNew object price
Object 1Price 1Object 2Price 2
Object 3Price 3Object 4

Price 4

Object 5Price 5Object 6Price 6

And I did it beacuse I want to have old objects replaced by new objects. When I select the old objects from a filter I can see them in the table with their price and I also select the new objects, but the price that I get isn't correct.

This is the expression that I'm using

Min({<[new_object_code] ={$(=SubField(GetFieldSelections([new_object_code]), ',', RowNo()))}>}[new_object_price])

I'm trying with two different objects and I get the same minimum price of the objects in both the lines and not the minimum price of every object in its line.

What am I doing wrong? "Hard coding" the row nomber gives me the correct results so I think that's the problem

Thanks for your help and for your attention

Best regards

Nicolò Cogno

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Re: D

Can you please attach your QVF file to work on?

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Re: D


I'm sorry, but I really can't. I think that the problem is that Rowno() is giving me the wrong number of the row, the set analysis is being applied on it too.

Do you have any suggestion?


Thanks in advance

Re: D

Not sure I understand the purpose of set analysis here.... why do you need this?

{<[new_object_code] ={$(=SubField(GetFieldSelections([new_object_code]), ',', RowNo()))}>}

If you have New object as dimension, then why not just Min([new_object_price]) as expression?

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Re: D

I need it because I want to specify which of the new objects will replace a specific old object 

Replace components one by one