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Make my grouping dynamic in load editor


I am using the following script in load editor.

Max(accounting_period) as maxaccountingperiod

Resident PNL;

Let vMaxaccountingperiod =Peek('maxaccountingperiod');



"Customer Group Descr",
if(sum(EBIDTA)<0,"Customer Group Descr",Null()) as restricted_customers

Resident PNL
where "Fiscal Year"=('FY'&$(vMaxfiscalyear)) and accounting_period<=$(vMaxaccountingperiod)
Group by "Customer Group Descr";

I want to group restricted_customers column with recent fiscal year when there is no selection at front end. So for example when my recent fiscal year is FY18 then by default restricted_customers for FY18 are shown , but if I select FY17 from my filter restricted_customers should come respective to FY17.

Is it possible in Qlik, or please suggest some other way in achieving this,

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Make my grouping dynamic in load editor

Hi Siddharth,

Can you briefly explain your exact requirement?

From my understanding, you want to show customer groups, who's ebitda < 0 for current year. And it should change dynamically after year field selection .Is it correct?

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