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Map from one column


I'm trying to create a point map from table connected by ODBC. Coordinates are located in one column named "coords", so I've wrote in the script 2 lines:

TAG FIELD coords WITH $geopoint;

TAG FIELD city WITH $geoname;

Code has been loaded, but there is no points in the map. The structure of the coordinates (Is it correct?):


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i think do you need create a geopoint

makegeopoint(subfield(coords,',',1),subfield(coords,',',2)) as Geo_Point,

try this

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It's not working. I have never seen a function such as 'makegeopoint'. I don't want to separate them. I've found that method in Qlik Sense help and I just need an answer where can be a mistake.

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I sorry i wrhong function

the correcly

GeoMakePoint(lat, long)

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still not working