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Map not rendering in Qlikview from the extension object

Hello, I created a test extension object. Created two files - definition.xml and script.js

Definition.xml has the below script:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
Description="extension object"

<Dimension Label="Longitude" Initial="" TargetName=""/>
<Dimension Label="Latitude" Initial="" TargetName=""/>

<Measurement Label="Measure" Initial="" TargetName="Measure"/>

<!-- <Text Label="Pop-up labels" Type="checkbox" Initial="" Expression="1"/>
<Text Label="Grid Size" Type="text" Initial="" Expression="30"/>
<Text Label="Max zoom" Type="text" Initial="" Expression="15"/> -->

<Text Label="Show column" Type="checkbox" Initial=""/>
<Text Label="Textbox" Type="text" Expression=""/>

<Initiate Name="Chart.Title" value="TestExtension" />
<Initiate Name="Caption.Text" Value="TestExtension" />

<Initiate Name="Chart.Dimension.0.Field" value=""/>
<Initiate Name="Chart.Dimension.0.Label" value=""/>

<Initiate Name="Chart.Dimension.1.Field" value=""/>
<Initiate Name="Chart.Dimension.1.Label" value=""/>



I was able to see the extension object in the Qlikview on web-view mode. However, after passing the lat and long fields to the dimension fields the chart doesn't render. What am i missing here?
Where do I specify the map URL in definition or script file? And, what would the script look like?