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Mapping KML - fail


I use Qlik Sense and I would like to incorporate mapping.. I followed instructions to add a KML file, however instead of showing my ~7 or so columns when I added the kml, it shows only three, with new titles: doc.Name, doc.Point, doc.Area. I need my "Region" column to show up so my map can be divided in regions and connected to my Excel file (which has a Region column).

My process was as follows:

ArcGIS for Desktop - add data to ArcGIS map. Rename relevant layer column to match Qlik Excel file column. Simplify geometry. Convert to klm - but it actually made it a .kmz. Change '.kmz to .zip' then unzip file to reveal 'doc.kml.' Import kml file to Qlik. See the 3 mysterious columns (doc.Name, doc.Point, doc.Area) in the table and no "Region" column.

Advice on how to rectify this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Mapping KML - fail

As you've discovered, Qlik Sense only recognizes 3 fields in a KML file: Name, Point, and Area.  This post helped me: Re: Qlik Sense Mapping and County KML.

You could create a separate spreadsheet with just Name and Region and include that file in your load script.  Qlik Sense will automatically link the "Name" field in both files which should give you access to the Region in your map.

I hope this helps.