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Mapping data from several sources


I'm rather new to sense and I am struggling with the following problem.

I've created one "table" from a number of excel files, containing roughly 3 m rows.

I'm loading this through a script looking like this:

let vFolderPath  =  'lib://System;

for each file in FileList(vFolderPath & '/*.xls')



FROM ($file)


This is running smoothly, and the data looks correct.

In a secondary excel file I have additional information regarding 300~something of the 3m rows.

I would like to add this information to the above mentioned table and construct a new field containing a multiplication of one field loaded and one field within the original matrix.

The first 3 columns, in the original matrix, lets call the, Number1, String1, and number 2, contains the reference between the two sets of data.

Can anyone help me with some ideas on how to map the new data set into the existing data set and perform the multiplication?

I would be really glad for any help!

Kind regards

Erik Sundblad

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