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Mass Reassignment of Owned Objects

Hello Everyone,

So I'm a developer at a company that had a previous developer.  This developer is no longer with the company, but they still own things in the QMC and they still have a token allocated to them.  So I have two questions.

1. They own about 96 items, is there a way to mass reassign those things to me?

2. If I Deallocate their token, will it break any apps, tasks, and connections they may own?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Mass Reassignment of Owned Objects

I'd suggest you manually re-assign the 96 items.  This may take an hour or so, but make a cup of tea first and it should be a relaxing - albeit repetitive - hour.

No doubt you could write something to automate it using API calls, but this would take a lot longer and be more risky than a relaxing manual hour whilst sipping your tea.

Then de-allocate their token and give it all a good test.

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Re: Mass Reassignment of Owned Objects

The reallocation was far quicker than I anticipated.  When the QMC list objects, it lists Apps AND Sheets owned by the user separately.  So when you re-parent an App, you re-parent it's child Sheets too.