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Mass export tables or figures

Greetings fellow Qlik Users,

an external software house has created a Qlik Sense environment for our company (whose database is rather complex and intricate, as it hails back to the early 90's) and we have created an app to display tables and figures for the usual analyses. However, we are not satisfied with the inbuilt presentation tools and we are not willing to spend further resources to acquire NPrinting. Thus, we have to rely on PowerPoint and we must export a significant number of figures and tables in a relatively frequent fashion (routine analyses are carried out on a monthly basis). Thus, downloading each updated figure or table individually is daunting  and time-consuming. 

As a consequence, I was wondering whether there is a predefined task in the Management Console or some of you know of a macro which can be used to massively export all of the tables and figures within an app. Ideally, I would like to be able to finetune the quality of said entities, but I can live without being able to. Being able to export the data which constitute the single figures would be fine as well, as I could then use an external program (e.g. Matlab) to recreate said figures, albeit with a different aspect, and upload them automatically on the Powerpoint.

I would be grateful for any assistance, thank you in advance!!!

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Re: Mass export tables or figures

Hi Ahriman,
i don't know how much i understand your query  (Export Data From N-Printing charts to PowerPoint) correct me if i was wrong
As per my understand one Ex:-
printing 16 - pivot table in power point export


the good news first: We were able to solve this problem.

The bad news: It is not possible to do this with a direct export into PowerPoint.


We export our data to Excel using three main functionalities:

1. Tables and then making pivot tables out of them

2. Formula to fill cells with the data - these cells are input cells for graphs.

3. Levels to have tables that can change the amount of coloums we need.


I imagine, this might sound a bit overwhelming for the start, but what I initially did when I had to explore it on my own was to understand these three ways of exporting data to excel.


Once you ran the task in Nprinting and you have a filled excel sheet or even more, we copy paste the graphics from excel to powerpoint and embed these. After programming, the workaround looks like this.


1. Make selections in QlikView

2. Run the task

3. Open the output-Excels (this makes the updating process faster)

4. Open Powerpoint and update the embedded links (you can select automatic updates in powerpoint, which you have to do manually after every new graph you embed!)


This really works well for us. We have an output of currently 150 graphs - all of them coming from two generated excel files.


Time from running the task to updated powerpoint (around 6-8 minutes).

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Re: Mass export tables or figures

Thank you for the effort and the quick answer, I really appreciate it! However, we don't have NPrinting and we would like to avoid buying it, as we don't really need it. We just have QlikSense.

Our chief problem is massively exporting all of the tables and figures from an app in an automatic fashion, either periodically or when a certain command is given.