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Master Calendar and Fact table Association

Hello everyone!

I am still new to qlik sense and try to build an app in Qlik sense Enterprise which is a dashboard contains many indicators(KPI and PI). All the data sources are excel files which have common fields (date and place) . So i created an excel sheet as master calendar and a fact table for countries and regions. Every time I try to make a link between the tables I encounter a  problem with the circular references.    

I have 2 questions :

1.How can I associate these tables in a way allow me to make selection according to certain date.
2. How to show the current month on the dashboard when there is no selection.

In the attachments there are the excel sheets I am working with and a screen shot showing the problem I have. 

Thank you in advance .


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Re: Master Calendar and Fact table Association

Hi Haam,

You can avoid the circular reference by naming the field differently. Instead of Date_ID -> DE_Date_ID. This way it will not create a circular reference anymore.

Making the current month can be done by using the Max() function. For example, Max(Month(Date_ID)) will give the maximum month, that is often the current month.




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Re: Master Calendar and Fact table Association

Hi Jordy!

Thank you for the  reply!

I still have problem with selecting data according to certain month or date. I need to select a certain date and at the same time a certain region or country and show data according to these two dimensions. Still need to associate the calendar and the country_region tables with all tables to get the right selections, which gives me issue with circular references.   


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Re: Master Calendar and Fact table Association

Take a look at this tutorial to see if it helps. You can download the Qlik Sense example.

Qlikview Cookbook: Tutorial - Using Common Date Dimensions http://qlikviewcookbook.com/recipes/download-info/tutorial-using-common-date-dimensions/