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Partner - Contributor

Master Filters Not Working as Expected

We are having a hard time with the master filters that we have implemented. Can anyone advise on how to resolve this issue?  Basically, In one sheet, you can have many charts of many objects (test run chart, requirement chart, defect chart...), but the master filter is not smart enough to apply test run release to test run chart, requirement release to requirement chart. The way it works is: if one of the criteria is satisfied, it counts the whole rows (including associated objects). Is there a way to fix this?? 
Here is an explanation of our data set:
TR1 belongs to RL2 
Req1 belongs to RL1 
TR1 links to Req1 

Data model will returns 2 rows as following: 

TR1 --- Req1 ----- RL1 ---- Requirement Release 
TR1 --- Req1 ----- RL2 ---- Test Run Release 

When I select master filter RL1, it will return TR1, Req1 (the first row). 

But when we select master filter RL1, we expect to see only Req1, we don't want to see TR1 as TR1 belongs to RL2. 
Let's take a look at examples below:
When I select "Release2" from the master filter, I expect all charts in the sheets are filtered by Release2. However, I still see a bar of "Release1" in the chart "Requirement by Release". 
Master filter is either "Test Run Release" or "Defect Release" or "Requirement Release" or "Test Log Release". 
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Can you show a picture of your data model ?