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Master Items

How do I reuse a Master Item in Qlik Sense?

I created a Master Item in an application, I published the application and now

I want to use the Master Item in another application.  Is there a way to use Master Items in cross applications?

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Re: Master Items

Strore that aster item in any qvd and then read that master item from qvd.



Load * From Sourcetable;

Store MasterItem into MasterItem.qvd;

Drop table MasterItem;

In Qlik and qliksense load statement and also Store command deffers so please chck this.

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Re: Master Items

Hi Ann,

I don't think you can use Master Items created in one Application into Another Application Directly.

may be by using API you can Export to the excel from there Import into Another Application.



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Re: Master Items

Hi Ann Hoffman,

its not that simple to reuse the Master Itims.

What you can do, is that you can use this Extension

Qlik Branch

Hope it will be helpful.