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Master calendar and drill down master dimension

Hi guys,

I have a master calendar with fields such as Year_A, Month_A, Day_A and Date_A.

The facts tables use start_date.

Normally I can do easy counts such as "Count({<start_date=P(Date_A)>}event_code)", but what about when it comes to a master dimension that I want to use to drill down in a bar chart?

I used to have a master dimension with Year, Month and Day. Now that I'm using the master calendar I changed it to Year_A, Month_A, Day_A. How do I get it linked to start_date so it counts events from the facts table?

I'm using "Count({<start_date=P(Date_A)>}event_code)"  but it does not seem to be right.



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Re: Master calendar and drill down master dimension

You master calendar is not linked to the start_date? Can i ask Why?

if there are multiple date fields try with a canonical date approach maybe more flexible