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Match function

Hi Team,

This is regarding match function of Qlik sense. CSV file has been successfully loaded and I am trying to apply match function but it is not allowing. Could you please help me in identifying the issue. Please look into the below screen shot.

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Re: Match function

Whay exactly are u trying to do with the match function?

Can u explain so that we can guide u?


Re: Match function

Dear Deepika,

Take a look on this article: wildmatch - script and chart function ‒ Qlik Sense

I think that you trying to restrict informations. Wildmatch is the correct.

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Re: Match function


you seem to have a mistake in the syntax. In this particular case you can:

  • use match within a where statement at the end of the load
  • or apply match function to a single field or different fields within your load

hope this helps,


Re: Match function

It seems you do not provide full script, can you share your full script.

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