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Measure in pie chart???

Hi all,

I  have a dimension on  plant as BCB, I have two fields dropped order and not dropped order. I wanted to create a pie chart with a single measure , which will show the percentage of dropped and not dropped order . how can I do it ?



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Re: Measure in pie chart???


Pie chart in Sense allows only one Dimension and one Measure.  Even if it did allow two Measures, the presentation would be not appealing. Second, in most cases pie chart are not a good choice.

I recommend you to use bar chart, with one dimension and two measures.

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Re: Measure in pie chart???

You can only have a single measure in a Pie chart without using an extension (if there is one).

You would simply add your measure and use the editor to create your expression.

Something like Dropped Orders/Not Dropped Orders or Dropped Orders/Total Orders.


Re: Measure in pie chart???

My Team Lead only wants pie chart. so I was looking for the solution

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