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Contributor II
Contributor II

Measure not working with Month Filter

I was using below expression to calculate Ageing in Days for each record in the table.

IF(Match(Status,'Commissioned'),Age(now(),[Action Date])) as [Action Age]

I have created this measure as the output is supposed to come in numbers. Now the moment I select a month from the filter "FinMonth" e.g. Aug'22 the records are appearing for "Jul'22, April'20, May'14 etc...". It seems this formula is not synching with the Month Filter.

Please note: my all measures are working in sych with this filter, may be because I am considering Date in the expression here e.g. 

      SUM({<DateBy={'Action Date'},[COPF SDWIP Product.Revised Status]={'Commissioned'}>}
      Total ACV INR on Action date]),     

SUM({<DateBy={'Action Date'},[COPF SDWIP Product.Revised Status]={'Commissioned'}>}
      Total ACV USD on Action date])))

Can anyone please help me how can I fix this Ageing Formula.

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Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Hi @TS08 

Nothing really jumping out except i think you are missing '[' in your set analysis.

Could you possibly share some more of your data model?

Contributor II
Contributor II

Can I add some kind of date relevance here inthe below formula which can help me get the ageing and work with the date filter also. I Know it is possible if I use a Avg or Sum or Count expression but here I can't use any filter expression as I want simple count of days for each records but should follow Date filter.

IF(Match(Status,'Commissioned'),Age(Today(),[Action Date])) as [Action Age]

can you advise.