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Memory usage in Qlik Sense


why  doesn't Qlik Sense release all the memory when I close a sheet ? I often need to close the application to reset the memory. It seems that the system doesn't release  all the memory when I close the sheet.

Thank you


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Re: Memory usage in Qlik Sense

Because it caches all the objects and calculation so it does not have to do that again next time you open the sheet.

This is default functionality that can not be changed and is there for your joy. If it would not do this and you have heavy calculations, it has to do these every time you re-open the sheet.

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Re: Memory usage in Qlik Sense

Even though the memory is not released immediately it will do so once the server RAM usage hits the "Min memory usage (%)" (which can be set in the QMC),

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Re: Memory usage in Qlik Sense

Hi Salvatore,

When ever there are any calculations done, the results are saved in the cache to improve performance. When any other user using the same dashboard looks at the same details as you did, it directly reads it from the cache instead of recalculating it over again. The cache is cleared on a regular time basis. If the memory hits the brim, the cache gets cleared as well. This could be a possible reason why its happening.