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Migrate QVW in QlikSense [qvf]

Dear QlikSense Experts,

When I copy the qvw in the respective root folder of QlikSense & try to open it. It migrates as qvf file,but I cant able to view the dashboard. Can you please suggest me?



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Re: Migrate QVW in QlikSense [qvf]


You will be able to see your data model and script but not the dashboard,

It's not possible to recover the QlikView objects

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Re: Migrate QVW in QlikSense [qvf]

Djallel response is correct.

Unfortunately you can not migrate Sense QlikView objects , because the objects are different.

You 'll have to create new objects in Sense, but if you have items that are very complex , see if you got everything you use in the Sense objects. Sometimes properties are in QlikView objects are not available in Sense.

You'll have to do a pre- feasibility analisys .

Good Luck

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Re: Migrate QVW in QlikSense [qvf]

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Re: Migrate QVW in QlikSense [qvf]

You could with the help of fasttrack migrate your dimensions and measures as well http://branch.qlik.com/projects/showthread.php?441-Fasttrack-QlikView-to-QlikSense

But as previous comments mention you cant migrate charts and other QlikView objects to Sense since the charts and layout is to different in sense.


Re: Migrate QVW in QlikSense [qvf]

Hi Sasi,

Watch this video Qlik Sense Desktop - Converting a QlikView Data Model (video)

However, you can't convert QlikView objects to Qlik Sense.


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Re: Migrate QVW in QlikSense [qvf]

Hi Sasi,

You Could Copy the Data model of Qlikview to Qliksense.But Qlikview and Qliksense objects are different that's we are not able to see qlikview Dashboard into Qliksense.


Ishan Bhatt