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Missing Fields - Dimension

New to Qlik sense.. Trying to setup a demo for manager by using some of my data.

Done a few apps before so kind of scratching my head if this is newbie error (hoping so because that means easy to fix) or something deeper.


Two spreadsheets


Product No.Order QtyCalendar Year

The last five digets are junk so I have to strip them... no problem

Select table -> edit:  Select "Product No." column  "split" -> Set to split it after second hyphen

Name new table and see nice new data


oooh..  ah..

Now I have master spreadsheet I made of for key / legends.

Three tabs.. listing the grouping of different brands by "Machine-Model"

Imported tables and they look peachy..  link using "machine-model" as link


Now try to make a simple pie chart with dimension "machine-model"

Drop in pie chart.. click on dimension..  this will need to be a construct of single dimension of "Machine-Model" from split field, but alternative selections of the other three categories.

But as you see... I get weird data.  I don't see new "split field" at all called "Machine-Model"  but I also don't see fields from the other spreadsheets..


Hoping someone knows quick way to get things working "normal" never had this issue where fields I see in the data manager do not show when going to make charts.

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Re: Missing Fields - Dimension

Ok... I figured this out.. so figured I would answer my own question.

Error = PEBKAC

When I linked the tables... it "merges them".   So they only show in the selection of dimention as one table.

To keep them independent as selectable fields... I can't link them.  Leave them as independent lists.

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