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Missing Script Logs

Hello, I have a reload task in the QMC that runs every 5 minutes. This task failed yesterday at 11:00 am but has run successfully since then. I want to go back and find the log for that specific run but I cannot find it in my ArchivedLogs folder.

Are only some of the script logs saved?

It should run 288 times a day (every 5 minutes) but I only see about 10-15 logs per day. How does it determine which logs to keep?

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Re: Missing Script Logs


the most logs should be saved in repository DB. There is a quiet good app from qlik which provides reload overview. Check here and how to obtain an app check here

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Re: Missing Script Logs

Thanks for the suggestion. I imported that and some of it looks to be helpful.

Does it show the cause of the failure? I didn't see that in there. I would typically get the cause of the failure within the script log.