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Missing values in Combo charts in Qlik Sense

When using a timestamp as dimension, some of the markers of the combo chart don't get displayed unless I zoom in.

I'm reading here https://support.qlik.com/articles/000043165 that it is the desired behavior because "the chart is compressing the data. The time aware charts have an automatic compression function that helps the chart to stay fast and interactive. The compression removes points when looking at the overview but always keeps the outliers. When you zoom in you will get a better resolution and the points will re-appear."

This is a big issue for my requirement. Hiding a marker in the chart changes very much its meaning.

Do you know how I can override this limitation and force the combo chart to display all markers?


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You can turn off the Continuous axis under the x-axis settings under Appearance.

Toggle the Continuous button off to Custom and turn off continuous scale to see only the dimension values you want without the time aware feature.


Hi Lisa, thanks for your response.
Unfortunately, my requirements force me to show an entire day worth of information (from 00:00 to 23:59) on a single chart without scroll. Turning off the Continuous Scale brings up the scroll.
I am looking for a way to have all points in the Continuous Scale, even if it takes a few seconds to load the chart.