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Contributor II
Contributor II

Mobile App download offline

I am trying to download application offline on iPad Pro (4GB RAM 500 ROM space available). I can download app upto 300MB but when I try to download apps more than 400MB its giving me an error that network connection was interrupted. checked the log file from DownloadPrepService and everything looks fine.

2058    20180717T115829.126+0300    0    Global    INFO    Requesting: POST

2059    20180717T115829.938+0300    0    Global    INFO    Requesting: GET

2060    20180717T115829.969+0300    0    Global    INFO    Requesting: GET

2061    20180717T115830.016+0300    0    Global    INFO    Requesting: GET

2062    20180717T115830.047+0300    0    Global    INFO    Requesting: GET

2063    20180717T115830.282+0300    0    Global    INFO    Requesting: GET

2064    20180717T115830.344+0300    0    Global    INFO    Requesting: GET

2065    20180717T115830.344+0300    0    Global    INFO    Responding with: {"checksum":"","dependencies":[{"checksum":"","downloadPath":"/tempcontent/2cd65c12-bb24-4041-be19-0753d49cb8cc/","resourceSize":802428,"type":"visualization","entity":"web-extension","uncompressedSize":802428},{"checksum":"","downloadPath":"/tempcontent/83698f6b-b14d-44c8-b08d-7e93dc9f6c6e/","resourceSize":1085482,"type":"visualization","entity":"web-extension","uncompressedSize":1085482},{"checksum":"","downloadPath":"/tempcontent/73e63ea4-6963-43ee-85a8-dd559a93d086/","resourceSize":212893,"type":"visualization","entity":"web-extension","uncompressedSize":212893}],"downloadPath":"/tempcontent/bdf0c214-a6c1-4b92-b526-13676c3c249a/e0baaced-fa5c-424f-a3b5-831367eb130a.qvf?serverNodeId=65f5c3d7-e617-43fe-8865-7df33c9bd189","resourceSize":0,"uncompressedSize":0}

There is advise on website that either it should be made less complex or we should create bookmarks. Tried with bookmark without filters,but I still can't download my app, perhaps may be again due to size of data. Is it because of any session/response time out. If so, can I increase the response time of server.

I am a newbie for Qlik and I need your help with where I need to look for so that I can give the right reason to other. Is there any app size limitation to download it on Qlik mobile app. !


Qlik Sense Mobile June 2018, QIX 12.170.2

Qlik  Sense April 2018

qliksenseserver: 12.16.2

  • .NET SDK 13.4.0
  • About Service 1.8.1
  • App Migration Service 4.8.1
  • Broker Service 5.11.2
  • Capability Service 1.4.1
  • Client 4.86.8
  • Data Preparation Service 2.32.0
  • Dependency Graph Service 1.0.6
  • Download Preparation Service 1.0.1
  • Freya Client Service 2.8.0
  • Monitoring Apps 7.8.1
  • ODAG Service 3.3.0
  • Printing Service 13.15.1
  • Proxy 11.41.1
  • QIX Engine 12.145.3
  • Qlik DataMarket Connector
  • Qlik Essbase Connector 1.1.0
  • Qlik Management Console 1.24.0
  • Qlik ODBC Connector 4.8.0
  • Qlik REST Connector 1.4.0
  • Qlik SalesForce Connector 14.3.0
  • Qlik Sense Hub 0.18.0
  • Qlik Web Connectors 0.36.0
  • Repository 20.4.2
  • Scheduler 15.0.3
  • Service Dispatcher 15.0.3
  • Web Extension Service 1.5.2
  • Web Extensions 1.4.1
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