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Re: Modifier without aggregation

How do you define varName? Can you share the expression that drives varName?

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Re: Modifier without aggregation

Hi Walter,

Use somehting like this:

sum({< country = >}Sales)



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Re: Modifier without aggregation

In a script

SET varName = 1

I use the extension qsVariable Qlik Branch



Re: Modifier without aggregation

May be give this a shot:

Aggr(Only({<country = >} $(=Pick(Match($(varName),1,2),'products','categories'))), $(=Pick(Match($(varName),1,2),'products','categories')))


Re: Modifier without aggregation

Can you explain which part of your chart is influenced by selection in country?

As far as I see, the dimension


is a synthetic Dimension not linked to your data model at all.

What are your expressions? You said, you are not using sum(), count() or anything like this, but you should:

Use Aggregation Functions!

I assume you are just using a FieldName as expression, which is equivalent to


If so, add the set analysis to the Only() function, or any other appropriate Aggregation

=Only({<Country= >} FieldName)

edit: Ah, Should have read the complete thread

products and countries are field names, right?

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