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Mthly dashboard in Qlik sense

2 queries for my Qlik Sense App:

1/ I want to create a dashboard for my app, that contains kpi's that default to the latest full month for various measurements.  so I need both the data measure expression and the title to have code that calculates for example Jun-15 as the MMM-YY from 1st July until 31st July - then on 1st Aug it will change to Jul-15 for measure calc and title, etc, etc...

can I use set analysis for this? 

Note that I have other pages in the app where the MMM-YY are variable as per filter pane selection for users, but I want any selections here kept independent from the dashboard.

2/ The data is linked to an database that includes a date record field (DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm TT) that also needs a daily incremental load (appended with new records only) added into load script.   Is there standard template code avail to do this?



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Re: Mthly dashboard in Qlik sense


Attach some sample file and let us know your required output.



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Re: Mthly dashboard in Qlik sense

1/ I have cut the App right back to 1 x KPI and limited data from an excel file, but essentially I want the expression calculation and tittle for the KPI to be automated to stay as May 2015 for example until the 1st July – but then display June 2015 until 1st August etc….. (i.e. always showing the previous full months result). However with any other pages I create I want them to be user selected.

2/ I can link to a database directly and get these same columns – when I do this I want to be able to get a daily incremental load with any new rows added.


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