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Multi KML


QlikSense has a limit of a few thousand points/areas on a map chart.

To overcome this I dissolved the areas and boundaries (in KML 1) into a new KML (KML 2) which can now be displayed on a map chart. However, I would still like to see the granular data of KML 1 in a map chart based on a selection of the larger area in KML 2.

Is there a way to only load KML 1 once a portion of KML 2 has been filtered? Or is there another way to get over this limitation?


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Creator III
Creator III

increase the number of visible objects?

(you need qs june or september 2018 at least...)

for what you suggest, you can use the drill down dimension (master item)

Master II
Master II

Can you post it with screenshots and with sample KML files?

Please tell us what should show up when you select a value as an example.