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Multi Line Graph

Hi all,

I'm evaluating Qlik for data visualization from My MongoDB data.I've few Theoretical Questions. Currently my stack looks like this:

MongoDB - QVSource (MongoDB Connector V2) - Qlik Sense Desktop

What im doing right now,

In Qlik Sense,

  1. Created a new App 'Test'
  2. Added a Web File with URL from QVSource 'mongo'
  3. Written Load script in Qlik Sense from above created web file as this
    1. LOAD
      1. linking_id as Name,
      2. "timestamp" as "Time",
      3. value as Value
    2. FROM [lib://mongo]
    3. (qvx);


  1. My MongoDB have 2Million Records, when i draw a lien graph, where my 2M records stored?
    1. In QlikSense (In memory / persistent)?
    2. QVSource (In memory / persistent)?
    3. Directly loaded from MongDB?
  2. I wanted to build a dashboard like line graph with dynamic data. Possible?
    1. At an interval (~30Sec), new record added to my mongodb. On Qlik Sense dashboard, line graph should update with new data point.
    2. if Interval can be user configurable, it would be great.
  3. Wanted to apply some data transformations
    1. Draw line graph with vaules with specified name. Eg data in y mongodb documents.
      1. -------------------------------------------
      2. name        Time           Value    |
      3. -------------------------------------------
      4. 1          12:30           25        |
      5. 2          12:30           490      |
      6. 3          12:30           -15       |
      7. 1          12:31           48        |
      8. 3          12:31           55        |
      9. 1          12:32           55        |
      10. -------------------------------------------
    2. Draw line graph with
      1. X-Axis Time
      2. Y-Axis, three lines for three names (1,2,3)

Thanks in advance.

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Partner - Master II
Partner - Master II

This is the QlikView forum. Please move your discussion to QlikSense.

Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

1 - executing the load script places the data into QS memory

2 - QS is not really a real time solution, but you could schedule QS to reload every few minutes. No configuration required

3 - what have you tried?

Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you everywhere. - A Einstein
Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi prasad,

1-Qliksense in In-memory tool.

2-could you pls tell me what is the backend of your MongoDB? Well qliksense can pull data directly  from almost any data source through OLEDB, ODBC and supported connector if required.

Jonathan is right you can schedule your job as per your need.

hope it helps


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Hi @ioannis giakoumakis Now moved to "New to Qlik Sense", is this correct. Please correct me if im wrong.

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Thanks for your comment.

1-Qliksense in In-memory tool.

          -- This means, when you say in memory, what is TTL / Time to Live like till when this data stored in memory and what if my data is too huge for in memory like, i said, im trying to load 2M records of data in my load script which may count to 20GB, what happens? outOfMeoryException?

2-could you pls tell me what is the backend of your MongoDB? Well qliksense can pull data directly  from almost any data source through OLEDB, ODBC and supported connector if required.

          -- My back-end storage it self is MongoDB (data written by nodejs web services). i was able to fetch it by load script but not always. Sometimes it says unable to load data. That's my another question. What is best way to load data from MongoDB to QS?

Specialist II
Specialist II


i don't think it will go out of memory because it stores data in their own proprietary format   called QVD which compress data upto 90% which means and by further transformation of data, data size can be optamized..

and sry i have no idea about mongoDB so no comment for that but yes if there is a capability to connect through OLEDB/ODBC etc than yes can be done.

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Thanks for you reply.

Just to give you one liner about "MongoDB", its a database like MySQL MS SQL, etc..,

There is a MongoDB Connector from QVSource, But, I'm not able to load data properly always. i might doing something wrong.

Can someone put light on How to load data from QVSource <-> MongoDB ?