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Multi Nodes Qlik Sense - Shared persistence

Hi All,

Lets say we have a Multi Nodes Qlik Sense Production environment using shared persistence with 4 nodes :

- Central (Database and the file shared) + Proxy

- 2 Engine nodes

- 1 Scheduler node

My questions are :

1) Where will the files (QVDs and QVFs etc..) stored physically, they gonna be always stored in the central node (file shared) or also in the others nodes ?

2) What we should do, if we want to add a DEV Node dedicated only for development ? and which services, he gonna use ?

3) the repository service are present in every nodes or only in the central node ?

4) it is advised to have always a dedicated proxy node in a medium deployment or it's not necessary ?

5) Can we have more then 8 nodes ?



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Re: Multi Nodes Qlik Sense - Shared persistence

take a look at your "Service cluster" settings under "CONFIGURE SYSTEM" menu item on QMC, there you'll see where your apps are stored.

the repository service is present in all nodes but the repository database is only in central node.

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Re: Multi Nodes Qlik Sense - Shared persistence

Thank you andrea for your answer.