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Multiple Columns Amalgamation


I have a source excel sheet that I am trying to pull out the Part numbers from.

Problem is there are 6 columns , Part Number 1, Part number2 etc all on the same row the same with part Qty.

I want to take the information out of all 6 rows and be able to report how many times we have used the part in Qlik sense

Any Ideas gratefully received!

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Re: Multiple Columns Amalgamation

May be this can help:

The Crosstable Load

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Re: Multiple Columns Amalgamation

Thanks Sunny this looks like it is what I need but has given me a couple more questions,

There are many other columns in the table, does this just take the fields I pick but still link to the other data?

Doe this have to be done at the data load or can it be put in as an expression?

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Re: Multiple Columns Amalgamation

I'm not Sunny, but I'l try to help
If you have multiple columns and want to keep some but transform the others using crosstable, you have to keep the columns "Part Number x" at the end.  And, in the corosstable use the number of the fields that should not be transformed:
crosstable (field1, field2, N).