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Multiple Data Models in a single app

I have a requirements,  two different apps needs to be merged into a single app.

Fact table from both apps is on same granularity

Below two approaches I am thinking to opt for.

1. Thinking of to concatenate both fact and adding a flag in one fact table.

And In charts related fact 1 or fact 2, will use that flag via set Analysis.Hope that will work.

like Sum({<flag={'fact1'}>}sales)

2. Keep two different data models in single app.


Note - Selection of data from charts of datamodel 1 should not impact on charts of datamodel 2

Please suggest if some other approach needs to be considered.

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Champion III
Champion III

By 2 Data models you mean having 2 disconnected models in one app?? that's a VERY BAD IDEA


Combining your data into ONE MODEL is the only good option

Vineeth Pujari
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Use your first suggested solution with a concatenated fact table and a flag.

Per default any selection in the common dimensions will affect the "other" data model. You could however keep them apart by inttoducing a second state. Use one state for all fact1 based objects and another state for fact2 based objects.

Read up on Alternate States 


@Vegar Can you please share some set analysis example how to use Alternate states.

Lets say two alternate states are State1,State2.

Fact 1 set expression - SUM({<status={'true'}>}Sales)

Fact 2 set expression - SUM({<Flag={'fact1'},status={'true'},Ryear=>}Sales)


Please suggest how to use the alternate states on above mentioned expression


Take a look at my simple attached Qlik Sense document. It contains the two states State1 and State2. I created two sheets where one sheet is set to be using State1 the other is using State2. 

Switch between the two sheets and notice that any selection on the State 1 sheet will not affect the data in State 2 sheet.