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Contributor III
Contributor III

Multiple Dimension and Multiple Measure in one chart


I want to include 3 dimension and 2 measure in one chart. any suggestion as to which chart can be used?



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try drill down

go to master item create master dimension you will find below screen


Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks Chanty. But the catch here is that it should be in the form of some map and not as a table.


Hi Bansal,

the below list will explain limitations of the charts in you can choose by yourself which is comfortable to you.

Without data understanding how can we suggest chart to you? so if possible share your fields at least/sample data.

Chart Type    Dimension    Expression

Bar                  Atmost 2         no limit

Line                  only 1             No limit

Pie                  Atmost 2         only 1

Gauge             no dimension    no limit

Pivot                No limit            No limit

Straight            No limit            No limit

Grid                 Atleast 3          only 1

Radar              Only 1             No limit

Mekko             Only 1             No limit

Bloack             No limit           Only 1

Funnal             Only 1             Only 1

Scatter             No limit           Atmost 2 and 3rd expression decide the size of symbol

Combo             Atmost 2         No limit

QV Reference manual says "Pie, line and scatter charts can display a maximum of two dimensions, bar, block and grid charts three".  So try to use Bar/Line/Combo or Block or Grid charts.