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Multiple/Dynamic SAML attribute for user directory in Virtual Proxy

Hello all,

I have developed a QlikSense application and implemented security using section access where Network Name(NT Name) is the key field. The value for the NT Name would be something like Domain\User.Name. The NT Name in my section access application may have different domains. I had to embed the application into Sales force from which "Federation ID" is passed as input to the QlikSense application. We created a virtual proxy with "Federation Identifier" as "SAML attribute for USER ID" which has data something like User.Name and  SAML attribute for User Directory as "SFDC" and changed the domain name in Section access script to "SFDC" so that the users from Sales force will be able to access the application. In my case a user access is getting created automatically in Qlik sense Management Console users list for the users trying to log in from Sales force into Qlik sense with the SAML attribute for user directory value.

So my query here is, is there a possibility to provide multiple SAML attribute for user directories so that different users with different domain names can access the same application from the same stream?

I am not sure about how to implement Dynamic values for SAML attribute for user directories field in  Virtual Proxy. Kindly suggest.

Please let me know if any further information is required.