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Multiple Selections across disconnected with One Click

I have a bunch of different data sets that are all dealing with the same subject, but the data really shouldn't be "connected" in the way Qlik would want it to be. I have four fields that I would like the user to be able to select and apply for most of the data tables, but then I don't want any of the other fields to apply across.

I have over 10 data sets and they aren't small. Alternative states is confusing people and doesn't work the way I would like.

Set analysis is slowing down the application and really unmanageable to add to every single object for every single field.

Maybe the solution could be to create an expression in the filter pane object button that makes multiple selections based on one click... For example... each of my data sets has a State field.

DataTable1 = State1

DataTable 2 = State2

Could I make the filter pane object display the distinct values (i.e. DE doesn't show up multiple times) from BOTH State1 and State2:





And then if the user selects "DE" then DE is selected in BOTH State1 and State2?

I'm using Qlik Sense enterprise.