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Multiple Table Join

Hi Qlikers,

I would like to join/link multiple tables together.

However, some figure (highlighted) go double while i joining the table.

Any solution?

Please find attached my files.image.png

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Re: Multiple Table Join


if you'll only link the tables 

the actual sum will not be multiply 

but in your model you can't display the sales measures in suborder level , because you don't have this data 

if you want to display such a table you'll need to either divide the sales to suborder , may be by the share of cost of each part 

or display it only once per order like this :sum(aggr(Sum(SalesMTD),[Main Order]))


Re: Multiple Table Join

Avoid the LEFT JOIN as it leads to duplication of the Main Order sales. Just rely on the associative nature of Qlik by having this:

Annotation 2019-07-16 082545.jpg

If you use a Pivot Table instead you can do this:

Annotation 2019-07-16 082517.jpg

For the SalesMTD and SalesYTD you can check in the expression if the calculation level is a total and only calculate if it is and show nothing if it is on a detail level:

Annotation 2019-07-16 082457.jpg