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Multiple date filters


I would like to create a filter that looks like this in QlikSense:

I would like to be able to filter on loading date, booking date and invoice date.

How can I do this in QlikSense? Can I connect all three of my fields (booking, loading and invoice -date) to the calendar?

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Re: Multiple date filters

Same as in Qlikview, so perhaps this blogs explains what you need to know: The Master Calendar

These discussions may be of interest too:

Master calendar

Tutorial - Using Common Date Dimensions and Shared Calendars

Re: Multiple date filters


Multiple box is not available in Qliksense.

But you can add many field object into single object upto 5 objects to get best look and feel.

Or You can try any third party plugins for this visit Qlik Branch site.



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Re: Multiple date filters

I read the blog about the master calendar, but I still don't quite understand how to use it.

I've tried to write the following in my data load:

      Year(SupplierInvoiceDueDate) as Year,

     Month(SupplierInvoiceDueDate) as Month

The problem is that I have another date which I also want to be considered in the calendar - InvoiceDueDate.

But when I enter the above script with InvoiceDueDate as well I get a synthetic key error.

How can I fix this?