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Contributor III
Contributor III

Multiple files FTP to Qlik Sense

Hi All,

I am using the Qlik Web Connector to access files using FTP. I tried to FTP one file using the FTPGetRawFile option under Qlik FTP/SFTP Connector. Then I created a Web File data connection using the link generated in Web Connector. I could import data from one table in that way.

Now I am trying to access multiple files kept in that same location. So under FTPGetRawFile option this time I am putting the file name as *.csv. All other details I have kept same as previous.

But this time I am getting the error

A file or directory in the path name does not exist (550).)

A URL was generated in the Web Connector along with this error and I tried to create a Web File connection using that URL. I am getting the Invalid Server Error there.

I also tested by using the same path that I used for accessing multiple files under FTPListFilesAndFolders option in Qlik FTP/SFTP Connector and could see all the files in that folder listed there. So, I am assuming there is no issue with the path.

Can anyone please let me know what can be the issue here.

Thanks and Regards,

Rajarshi Guin

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The documentation seems to be very specific that you have to use FTPDownload to retrieve multiple files with wildcard. FTPGetRawFile can only retrieve a single file at a time. So if you for some reason need to use FTPGetRawFile instead of FTPDownload you will have to make a loop in your load script to retrieve all the files.

Snippet from the documentation:

  • FTPGetRawFile - Downloads a named file from your FTP server and returns the results directly. You can use the URL generated as a Web File source.
  • FTPDownload - Downloads a named file, or files if you use a wildcard '*', from your FTP server to a local folder. The table returned shows the number of files downloaded.

You can read more here: FTP/SFTP ‒ Qlik Connectors