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Creator III
Creator III

Multiple kpi selection and labeling for Master Items


i have one Metric Field in QlikSense based on that Metric field users can select multiple Metrics and they can see those metrics results in my piviot table as below.

now i have created two Measures in Master Items , those 2 master items is nothing but my numerator and denominator for that piviot table results. based on conditional expression it will show those num Value and den value.  now i got a request that instead of showing LES Metric Num and LES Metric Den for all metrics. so respective label name for each Metric.

so example:


so i wrote as below in Master Item Measure Label Expression and it is not working as expected when user select multiple metrics but single metric it works

For LES Metric Num

If(  [%LMetric]='Timely Project Assignment' ,'Assigned Projects <6 day'  ,

If(  [%LMetric]='Issue Compliance - LES' ,'Projects completed <30 days' ,




For LES Metric Den

If(  [%LMetric]='Timely Project Assignment' ,'Total Projects Completed' ,

If(  [%LMetric]='Issue Compliance - LES' ,'Total Projects Created' ,




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